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ICPE - Green Industry MBA

Green Industry MBA - a unique joint master programme established by ICPE and IPS - aims to develop a highly employable graduates with the cutting edge interdisciplinary skills supplemented by understanding and ability to efficiently and effectively employ ecotechnologies for the benefit of society as a whole.
The emphasis of the programme is the development of competences and provision of information about finding and accessing the increasingly available financial sources for climate change related projects.
Green Industry MBA is organized in cooperation between ICPE and the Jozef Stefan Institute International Postgraduate School, a distinguished research institute with more than 50 years of successful research practice. The participating professors come from the leading world universities. Green Industry MBA is an international programme that attracts students and professionals from different continents and areas of expertise. It will allow to develop an interwoven network of contacts worldwide that will further increase the added value of the programme.

The growing international concern for how to efficiently and successfully tackle with climate change and its consequences, requires that all countries develop an interdisciplinary managerial expertise and ability to find efficient and feasible answers to climate change challenge in all sectors of national economy and society (government, public enterprises, private businesses, consultancies, NGOs and others). The issue of climate change can only be adequately addressed by a concerted action of all actors, developed and developing countries, public and private enterprises and others.

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